Briterope Glow Necklaces, Britesticks Glow Sticks

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World Plastics, has been making quality glow products for many years. We have built our reputation on innovation, quality, value, and service.

World Plastics has been instrumental in developing new applications and refinements for chemiluminescence technology. We strive to offer the best quality, brightest, and longest lasting glow products in the marketplace. All our products are safe and non-toxic.

We manufacture a variety of novelty and commercial products for many different markets. Our products are available in bulk, or individually packaged items. We offer 4" and 6" Lightsticks, our unique BRITEROPE® tri-color, pull-apart necklaces, cocktail stirrers, and bracelets. Please visit the rest of our web site for detailed information, and new product announcements.


Home    |     Novelty Products     Commercial Fishing    |    FAQs    |    Contact Us


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