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Frequently Asked Questions


What is chemiluminescence?
Chemiluminescence is basically defined as: light produced from a chemical reaction. Chemiluminescence was first widely used by the U.S. military, as a safe source of non-incandescent or "cold light".

What makes glow items work?
All chemiluminescent products typically consist of two basic chemical groups:

1) An activator, and

2) A synthetic compound with fluorescent dyes.

Generally these two chemical groups are kept separated from each other using some type of two compartment capsule system. To activate the lightsticks, the two chemical groups are allowed to mix together (by breaking the capsules). Once mixed, the two chemicals react with each other and give off energy in the form of light.

How long do they last?
The chemical reaction has a finite lifespan. When first activated the product will quickly reach its brightest point, and then will gradually taper down in brightness over time. Not all glow products in the marketplace glow for the same length of time and they vary according to brightness. World Plastics manufacturers quality products that will glow 24 hours or more! Once you activate the product, you cannot stop the chemical reaction.

Can I put it in my freezer to keep it?
Putting a glow novelty product in your home freezer will slow down the chemical reaction, but it will not stop it. Hopefully, you will get an extra night of fun and glow!

How long can I keep a glow product before I activate it?
Our packaged or wrapped product has a regular shelf life of 3 years. If you buy product in bulk, it is important to keep it in its original container, out of direct heat and light.

Are they non-toxic and safe?
Yes, all our products are safe and the chemicals are non-toxic. We design our products with the utmost emphasis on safety. The non-toxic glow liquid is packaged in a durable plastic tube or stick, and is safe for normal use.

How do I place an order or get additional information?
If you have questions or would like to place an order, please give us a call at 650.591.3106 Our customer service representatives will be happy to serve you. Our normal business hours are from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm , Monday through Friday. Contact Us


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